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Angela D'Arcy 25.jpg
Marble Surface

Angela Darcy is an Irish designer specialising in affordable eye catching statement and minimal jewellery with that special twinkle in each piece .  Angela has years of experience working with profile jewelry designers and in 2020 she launched her own range.  The Angela D'Arcy jewellery ethos is to, "Express your mood and celebrate your individuality."


My jewellery journey began through my love for being creative , as a little girl i always loved to make things look pretty be it with with food , arranging flowers , card making , giving it a whirl on a pottery wheel or anything that i  could play around with and explore my creative side .i also found this very calming and peaceful and  my great escape to my happy bubble. i finally arrived at jewellery designing  and found this to be my true creative pleasure . 


The range is designed using high quality materials, mixed metals , natural and semi precious stones  at an affordable price and quality craftmanship


Elegant , fun &  edgy statement or more simplistic designs we have a broad circle of people to draw inspiration  form , our  family , friends and collegues and every day acquaintaces , their unique attributes that make them special and sparkle is woven into the design  process  of  the collections to capture their unique je ne se quoi. beauty is a colourful mix of personality with many wonderful layers of a human soul that brings the jewellery to life .


 each piece and collection has the spirit, of joy, fun, strength & memories that we cherish and hopes we wish for in the future .



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